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⊰☽⊱ —— :          For those who he spoke with, many said he was sweet and kind. Rare, sometimes… That’s the judgement he had from the other’s part. Even if he didn’t consider himself more than a problem and, sometimes, very dangerous. Specially to her. Still, it didn’t prevent him to enjoy the company of others whenever the case presented before his eyes. Humans, certainly, could be wonderful beings. But also the ones who dared to make the others suffer. It depended of what person you crossed with. "Two years? It’s been a while, then." Ukyo replied, smiling at the young man. “I’m glad to hear it has been good for you.” At the last two questions, the Joker dared to let go a nervous chuckle, inquiring himself if he really visited the café that often. “Yeah, I really spend a good time whenever I go.” He have a small pause, thinking about his favorite plate. "—I usually ask for a sandwich of pastrami. And I also enjoy a cup of coffee." Rubing the back of his neck, he answered.

[ ♦ ]— It was very easy to have small talk in Toma’s case, even with a stranger. There was not a single situation with it. He’d been a chatterbox all his life. "Ah, yeah, Shin does make a pretty good sandwich." He mentioned the chef of the cafe. He’s tried some of meals before, and often taunted Shin by giving a false answer of ’ this is bad. ‘ He just enjoyed playing around with his childhood friend; of course Shin would become annoyed with the blonde’s playful behavior. "Well, I’ll be sure to remember that! I like being able to serve our regular’s their average order." He explained, smile widening on his face.

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  1. I love gummy bears.
  2. I have been roleplaying for three years.
  3. I want to pitch a television series with my original characters one day.
  4. My Spanish is very choppy, despite my father being from Mexico City.
  5. I like to listen to various types of music.

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⊰☽⊱ —— :      He smiled down at his companion, nodding in confirmation after some time of silence. Then, the name of the other was spoken, and he couldn’t help but remember the man who was working in that caffee, along with the Heroine. "Toma…" He said gently, crossing his arms under his chest with a thoughtful expression. "And… How long have you been working there? In Meido to Hitsuji?" Making some conversation with him wouldn’t be so bad, maybe?

[ ♦ ]—Toma smiled. This was alright, meeting new people. It was more than alright. It was wonderful. Humans were wonderful. He just loved them in general, no matter how strange his interest in them is. And Ukyo was an alright Human as far as he knew. "I’ve been working there for about two years." He nod his head. "Closest job there was to my university. And it pays off well." He commented. He had enough money for school but still had to pay for his own apartment and all his bills. His family wasn’t always going to spoil him with cash. "You’re a regular, right? That must mean you really like the food. What’s your favorite?"

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Lin looked at him, “yes.. I promise I will”.  then nodded her head “. walking over to the corner she looked around “they cased all the customers away”. she sighed.

[ ♦ ]— Luckily for Toma, Lin’s response was mild and calm. As long as he could keep her safe, then everything would be fine. Mentally thanking the deities, the blonde pressed his lips into a straight line. "Good." He acknowledged. "I won’t let them lay a single finger on you.” Not without Toma warning them off. If they were smart, they would stop at this moment. If these girls keep going at it, he might have to take charge.

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Amnesia World: Toma’s Route

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She nodded her head and quickly rushed over by him “OK on the count of 3 we run can.. 1..2..3” she rushed over to the door in the back waiting for her step brother. though after they were out. Lin suddenly heard a pot crash over head and looked up at, *did they seriously do that again?* she thought in her head. though as she looked at him she shook the thought off and walked out of the alleyway back onto the street.



[ ♦ ]—Feet shuffled as they followed after. It felt rather childish to run off; however they lacked any sense of maturity. Toma heard the shattering of a pot, and glared downcast at the split pieces. "How ignorant." He held a swore under his breathe. He knew better than to bring out to ugly side because of that one action. It’s happened before. "Looks like we’re away from them. For now.”

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Lin looked up at him , “ano.. Toma I’m OK.. now.. right.. so there’s no need to worry”. standing there she peaked around the corner, “ano.. why dont we sneak thoguh the back to go back outside”..

[ ♦ ]—With the nod of his head, he held his face straight. He couldn’t appear upset; he’d look hideous, especially in front of Lin. It’s not appropriate to lose his composure around her. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” The strings in his voice were weary. His golden orbs widened. “That sounds like a good plan.” He agreed with the girl.

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It had been five long years since Alice had graduated from high school, but damn, did they pass by fast. Alice never really had too many friends in her high school, just a couple here and there. Some would usually end up drifting away after a while. Once those four years were over, she really lost touch with everyone completely. 

Alice had been traveling quite a lot since school ended, taking her college classes online instead of actually going. She wanted to see the world, and there was no time to waste on sitting in a classroom any longer. But before going on another adventure, it was time for her five year high school reunion. Everyone probably looked different, or had something amazing happen to them. Alice didn’t really fit into either category. 

Arriving at the old high school a little early, Alice hesitantly went inside. She wasn’t wearing anything too fancy, just a simple black dress that was tight fitting on top, but flowed out on the bottom. Looking around, she didn’t notice anyone that was recognizable to her. That is, until she saw him. It was definitely her old friend, the one that she was most upset to lose contact with. Walking over to him, she put a small, but bright smile on her face. "Hey, Toma…do you remember me?"


[]Toma awkwardly sat by himself. With the swift turn of his head, he noticed someone very familiar. He saw her, standing there with a cute black dress. He pretended that he hadn’t seen her yet. He didn’t want to look too excited to see her.

"Oh, hey Alice." His eyebrows made a small dance. His voice leaked of fake surprise. "Of course I remember you." It’s almost impossible. He could never stop thinking about the brunette, especially after hanging out with her so much. She was in most of his high school memories. They had so much tension back then. So many moments that teased Toma’s heart.

              He wanted to be truly affectionate with Alice, but he merely relied on the moments he could have. "I missed you." He told her, staring straight at the bar he leaned his arms on. He regretted not ever asking for her phone number. He felt that it was too forward, but not anymore. She must have noticed the feelings between the two, at some point.

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